Lewis's Downward Spiral

Welcome to my website please read the intro before exploring! :) Also enjoy looking at Patrick Bateman Walking. please imagine him walking to whatever song of your choosing. :)

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Hello egotistical being and welcome to my website i made out of pure boredom and no logistical mind set what so ever other than for entertainment and idiocy, please enjoy your stay on this site So basically im Lewis and this is my downward spiral! (my life) I made this website out of true boredom and i am aming to make this have a blog side, a discord server.

sorry for not updating :(

I try to work on this website as often as possible so please consider following my website :)

Things to work on

  • home page
  • info page
  • the about us page
  • discord server is canceled :( sorry
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    Watching Grass Grow
    Got nothing else better to do?
    watching grass grow
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